Home Care Beds and Support Products

Home Care Beds & Support Products

Proper home care bed and support mattress equipment is critical to having a pleasant home care experience with patients confined to bed much or all of the time.

1 Home care beds are adjustable, providing comfortable positioning for in-bed activities. Head and foot sections may operate independently, or in tandem. Home care beds come in various models, from economy to luxury.

Differences among beds include: electric / manual controls, adjustment capabilities (head and foot sections), height and dimensions, mattress quality, options, features, construction, and styles.
Patient Lifts

The Hoyer lift is an assistive device that allows patients to be transferred into chairs or beds with the use of hydraulic power. It is specifically recommended for moving patients with very limited mobility and or consciousness.
One of the most important benefits of using the Hoyer lift to facilitate the transfer of a patient is that there will be less people required, to be present in assisting him. In cases where a patient needs to be transported, and is completely incapacitated, normally, there will be more personnel required to attend to him. By using a Hoyer lift, however, just two people will be quite able to perform the procedure effectively.

The Hoyer lift is also very effective in transporting patients who are a little bit heavier than others. It is very important to maintain balance when moving an incapacitated patient to another location so as not to inflict any injuries or cause unnecessary stress on his or her body. It is very important to make certain that there will be no unfortunate incidents in the simple process of transferring a patient, and using a Hoyer lift eliminates patient transferring incidents.
Support Mattresses

Pressure ulcers, or bedsores, are a common problem and concern for patients who spend long periods of time in bed.

A variety of mattresses and mattress overlays are available to both treat and prevent bed sores. Ask your doctor or home care equipment provider for more information. Medicare and most private insurance normally cover these important products.

Other Support Accessories

The proper equipment can give both patients and care givers increased independence.

Trapeze bars (pictured left) give some patients increased independence by using them to adjust their position in bed, to sit up and get in/out of bed with less or no assistance.

Over-bed tables(pictured right) are used not only for eating and working, but also to keep other items such as eye glasses or drinking water easily accessible.

Side rails give care givers more independence by ensuring that patients can be left safely in bed without fear of falls.


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