Lift Chairs

Lift ChairsFor people with mobility issues, getting up and out of a chair to manage simple tasks such as answering the door, going to the bathroom or preparing a meal may be difficult due to pain or lack of muscle strength for standing and sitting. Power lift chairs are an affordable and extremely beneficial mobility aid to seniors with arthritis or other issues that make it difficult or painful to rise out of a chair from a sitting position or to sit down from a standing position. Rising out of a chair is significantly less difficult when the chair is capable of gently raising the occupant to a standing position for a safe and pain-free exit.

Lift chairs offer all the comfort of a traditional recliner with one key difference – they come with a strong electric motor located in the base of the chair. A lift chair looks exactly like a traditional armchair recliner except for the handheld control that accompanies the chair. The purpose of the handheld remote is to control the motor that gently lifts the chair and its occupant up and back from the seated to the standing position.

Once safely in the chair, the occupant uses the remote to adjust the chair to a personally comfortable angle. Power lift chairs can achieve all the positions of the best standard reclining chairs and more. Certain models of lift chairs also feature a separate mechanism which allows the foot rest to be adjusted independently of the seat back according to the occupant’s preferences.

In short, lift chairs are simple and affordable accessories that can help seniors with mobility issues remain safe and comfortable as they age gracefully in their own home.