2 Today, wheelchairs are designed to meet every conceivable requirement for function, size, style, cost and suitability. This brochure illustrates the range of products available. A relatively normal, happy life is possible for a rapidly growing population of people living with disabilities, impairments, ailments and illnesses.
Battery Powered Wheelchairs (pictured left) range from stylish luxury to functional economy. The mid-wheel models are highly maneuverable with a turning radius as low as 16". This makes them popular with patients who must navigate environments with limited space, such as homes.
3 Lightweight Manual Wheelchairs are easier to propel and more portable than standard manual wheelchairs. They are well suited for patients living a physically active life in a wheelchair and for those who must load the chair into a motor vehicle without a powered lift. They are most common in institutional settings, when personal use is limited and when a chair is needed for only a short period of time.
4 Transport Chairs are used to transport hospital patients or individuals who are unable to walk and use a manual wheelchair, because they are either recovering from an illness, a medical procedure, or have serious mobility restrictions.The design of a transport chair is even significantly different from that of a standard wheelchair. Where manual wheelchairs would have larger rear wheels, with a rim that is normally used to propel it, a transport chair has significantly smaller wheels, making it dependent upon someone else pushing it, for mobility purposes. Transport chairs also weigh far less than a standard wheelchair, which makes them much easier to load into a vehicle or carry around the home. Transport chairs are very durable, and can easily carry a person weighing up to 300 pounds without trouble.


Electric Scooters have long been a popular choice for elderly adults who have reduced mobility, they help people with a wide range of mobility restrictions achieve a higher level of independence, but are for people who don’t need the additional support provided by power chairs. Electric scooters for adults of advanced age can be designed simply to help users get around town, or to get them back to traveling the great outdoors. The type of mobility scooter required to best meet the needs of older adults will vary as much as the people seeking them and anything from compact models to heavy-duty mobility scooters may be appropriate.
Some mobility scooters are designed for convenient travel. Depending on the model you choose, these scooters can fold down to fit into the trunk of a car, or be assembled and disassembled without requiring tools. Electric scooters are often lighter, more compact, and more maneuverable than power chairs, and in many people’s eyes their appearance is more appealing. Scooters can have either front or rear-wheel drive. Weight capacities, suspension and options vary widely by manufacturer. Weight capacities vary by 3-wheel & 4-wheel categories as well as by manufacturer.
Electric Scooters are popular with patients who live a physically active life. Enhance your life with the elegant and state-of-the-art performance of a scooter. The smooth, quiet and nimble performance needed for indoor use and the power, range and stability required for safe outdoor use, all in a sleek, stylish package.

6 Knee Scooters (or knee walkers) provide freedom of movement for patients with below the knee injuries while continuously supporting the injured leg in a proper non-weight bearing position. This unique design ensures the injured leg is elevated and reduces the chance of placing weight on the foot and re-injuring it.

Using a knee walker rather than crutches or a wheelchair allows patients to enjoy greater mobility and stay involved in their daily lives with fewer limitations. Knee walkers require less upper body strength, keep the user in a natural up-right position and are easy to use. Knee walkers offer significant advantages over traditional crutches, especially during the initial weeks of recovery after surgery. During the weeks of recovery after surgery, doctors often advise patients to keep weight off the healing foot and keep the foot elevated. Knee walkers are specifically designed to achieve both of those needs.

7 Walkers, Canes, & Crutches
It is a proven fact that an active lifestyle has many great physical and psychological benefits. Our walkers will promote this healthy lifestyle by making walking much easier. We offer a diverse line of walkers, so you can select the right model for your individual needs.


We carry a line of accesories to make using your mobility aids more enjoyable and comfortable. Our line of mobility aids includes invenory from replacement grips, sliders, and cushions to travel bags and drink holders.

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